Sprinkler irrigation

Sprinkler irrigation is the most effective way to combat frost. By wetting the crop (and keeping it wet), a layer of ice is formed around the bud. The temperature of the ice is 0 degrees Celsius but does not drop any lower. The reason for this is the large amount of energy that is released in the phase transition from water to ice, known as the heat of solidification. As long as the ice remains wet – in other words, as long as you continue sprinkling – the temperature of the ice and plant components will remain at roughly 0 degrees Celsius. The ice in and of itself is not an insulating factor. If the sprinkler irrigation should cease, the temperature will drop rapidly.
We compile sprinkler irrigation systems for coping with frost; and set up your premises using GPS recordings.


If required, VGB Watertechniek can supply you with a customised diesel pump unit.

The latest VGB diesel unit:
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